Totley Physio Clinic

Totley Physiotherapy Clinics

Found On Baslow Road, Sheffield

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Activ's Totley Physiotherapy Clinics have a range of treatments, facilities and equipment, similar to our Bradway Physiotherapy Clinics, on offer to all our Activ patients. There is onsite and offsite parking available with toilet facilities, 2 treatment rooms and gym facilities.

We operate our Bike Fit service, golf clinics and running clinics from our Totley clinics aswell as Sheffield podiatry, sports injury management, jaw and facial pain, sports psychology, rehabilitation exercises, acupuncture, women’s health therapy, electrotherapy, taping and strapping, Sheffield physiotherapy, home visits, post-operative rehabilitation, thai massages and work station assessments.

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Totley Clinic Location

Totley Sheffield Physiotherapy Clinics & Directions
Totley Sheffield Physiotherapy Clinics Interior


88 Baslow Road, Totley, Sheffield, S17 4DQ,
T: 0114 236 5532
F: 0114 2351333

Appointments available...

  • Monday 10.00-11:30
  • Tuesday 8.30-18.00
  • Wednesday 14.00-18.00
  • Thursday 8.30-20.00
  • Friday 8.00-12.00
  • Saturday 13.00-17.00

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